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hungout. hangover.

26 Sep

so in the business of debauchery, i hung out last night and did a smorgasbord of maddening things. drank too much, and now my head is ringing. i felt better three hours ago, and now…now i feel like a bowl of shit. blah. i have homework to do but i don’t have the energy to make it happen.  murble, grumble. 😦IMG_2658


jacket. lyric essay.

21 Sep

3181_65916542945_504982945_1760401_4869861_nsooooo, apparently ms.anna milkshake had my jacket and my i.d., but this has turned out extremely well for a few reasons. -firstly, WE SWITCHED JACKETS! Now her jacket and all it’s loveliness is mine, and my jacket and all it’s grandness is hers. We both agreed that we were completely smitten with the other’s jacket. It would have been utterly irrational to give them back. Also, i have my i.d. back, which means meals without begging/bothering/harrasing, so yay. Life today was grand for the most part. A grand turn around to the bitter sadness of the departure of my fair dolphin on sunday.

The only real trouble with today is that I have a lot of work due tomorrow and i haven’t done it, and not too motivated to do it. honestly, i just want to do some personal writing, watch television, drink water and sleep. something along those lines. I have to write a lyric essay, which as of now is a tad on the difficult, mainly because I’m still not totally sure what I’m doing with myself and the writing of this essay.

—also, i watched the color purple yesterday. i almost cried and that movie is beautiful. alice walker is one of the main reasons why i love nature the way that i do, she is also one of the reasons why i love whoopi goldberg oh so much.


20 Sep

so i need to do my homework, so i’ll try and make this quick. -someone  took my jacket, mistaking it for their own, and my i.d. was inside. now, that isn’t the problem. the problem is, i love their jacket. it is so much better than mine. well not hella so, but pretty much and i’m sorta smitten. so i’ve been putting off emailing around because it’s such a totally cute jacket and it fits me and my silly little curves. what are these odds. no one in pi phi is even shaped like me. -this is an abundance of madness. hella so. psh, i need my i.d.

swam away.

20 Sep

my dolphin was here, not anymore………….boo.

I HATE Kanye West.

13 Sep

W.T.F. Kanye West. I can’t believe he disrespected Taylor Swift like that. I mean, what the hell? Beyonce did not have a better music video. I like her fair enough, but the shit involved her shaking her thighs inside of some studio. Business as usual, not very creative. It couldn’t have been very expensive or time consuming to make it. Granted, yeah she must have spent a while learning the dance moves, but dance moves does not a great music video make. –and Kanye, what can I say? Thanks for looking like an ignorant bastard on stage. You make yourself seem more ridiculous every time you speak, think or do just about anything. I’m not even particularly impressed by her but I do think that she’s talented and charming, and she doesn’t have to use any gimmicks to it.

Steadman. and the freeload.

13 Sep


Okay, so I love music… more so, I love free music, and furthermore I love free music that is actually GOOD. Maybe not all would agree, but in my personal opinion, I think that the band Steadman is hot shit. –they’re no longer active, but they still have quite the influence on me. I heard the song “Wave Goodbye” on New York Minute (a movie I just so happen to love and own, despite what others may think of it), which prompted me to internet stalk them. Upon stalking them, I found out that this very amazing, very awesome band offers its music free. TOTALLY FREE. Madness. The address is -do download and enjoy and fall in love like I have.

Retraction: Lindsay Lohan

5 Sep

I would like to time to take back what I said about Lindsay Lohan, but only in relation to Parent Trap. Parent Trap is not just a cute movie, but in fact is pretty badass movie –and it may just be residual of me being a twin, but I find that anything that has twins in it makes me melt. Lindsay Lohan actually does an amazing job as the twins, event the brit one, which only makes her current state that much sadder because she was SO talented. What a waste. :-/