30 Aug

so rather than spending this night, doing any of the random things I could have been doing. such as drawing, crafting, watching a movie, reading a book or writing, i have been fine toning my schedule for next year. it’s ridiculous. i must have been on dope when i came up with some of that shit. there are days that i signed up to work in founders for three shift…three shifts. what the hell is going on with me. to better having spent my eveningIMG_2401 creating a schedule for myself for the upcoming school year, i have also been filling out scholarships. what has become of me. what is this responsibility streak that sometimes come over me like dark forecast? i am not a fan. i should be reading slight erotica masquerading as a literature, or watching a movie that i’ve seen three hundred times. I suppose that I ought to be proud of myself. yay, then i suppose. yay. —here is my schedule, however it’s tentative.


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