i hate lindsay lohan.

30 Aug

Downloads1harping back to conversation that natalie and i have had about searching “i hate beyonce” or i hate…anyone,  i would like to give my imput. i hate lindsay lohan, because i think that she is a silly slut bag.  i am watching georgia rule for the second time. the first time, i actually wasted my money in theaters seeing it -i can be happy that at least this time i’m watching a bootleg copy, and not wasting money that could have been better spent on ebay.

this movie is shitty, for no reason outside of lindsay lohan’s awful, awful acting skills. i don’t understand how a person can continue to be an “actress” when that person has no ability once so ever. if i fucking lost a hundred pounds and started doing crack, could i be an actress too? outside of the fucking parent trap, freaky friday and confession of a teenage drama queen, i personally see nothing else decent on her plate -and those movies are only cute but by no means impressive. the thing that she is most famous for as of lately is stalking her ex-girlfriend. biddie needs to grow up and get some business about herself, aside from doing crack cocaine, DUIs and dancing on the highway. what a dumb dog. this all only really upsets me because i don’t hate her as much as I should, and i still watch her movies because i always expect that she will turn her shit around. i’m the one that’s always wrong though. so i guess the joke is on me. –however in lindsay’s defense, it could be her voice that bothers me, also the “i’ll fuck your boyfriends” scene in Georgia Rule isn’t terribly acted, AND the movie just kinda sucked. btw, i loved Jane Fonda 😀


One Response to “i hate lindsay lohan.”

  1. buttontap February 10, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    I remember back in the day when I hated someone one I would search on the internet that the person would be dead such i.e. Lindsay Lohan is dead in the search box. Junk usually came up.

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