dumb dog.

18 Aug

so this goes for a couple people, beginning with both myself and my dumbass cousin. firstly, i am a dumb dog because i decided to sign on with my father for these last few weeks because i’m a money hungry ass, despite me hating it. actually, am not as money hungry as i am needy. -i need to just strike rich some way or another. maybe i’ll win big hitting the lotto, death of a long lost relative or a random gift from a stranger. any of those, i wouldn’t mind.dumb dog

dumb dog #2 -my stupid fucking cousin who didn’t want to turn her timesheet in so she could get paid. literately all she had to do was send me her timesheet, by way of car, fax, scanner or even fucking camera and this girl does nothing. i tried to contact her at least four times this weekend and no response. and when i talk to her just thirty minutes before the timesheet is due she tells me, “i can’t get you the timesheet today”, as if there were an option of her giving it to me at any other time. all i have to say is, if she calls me asking me about money or whatever, i’m gonna tell her to just go ahead and fuck off and just cartwheel off of a cliff. I don’t see the point of her wig-sporting ass hustling to work (albeit, late) if she were gonna just forgo her check, not that she actually deserved it anyway. what a lousy asshole.

–dumb dog three, not previously listed is my father who you could have probably assumed. i’m looking at him right now. he’s sitting there sniffing and looking around the living room like he’s lost or something. -my mother asked him a question and he didn’t respond like he didn’t understand or something, and we all know he did. i hate when he plays the foreign card, because he uses it so fucking often. his excuse for not knowing how to use the internet, the fax, the phone and just about anything else.

a bonus dumb dog is my sister who decided to leave her fish in my bedroom. honestly i love the fish now because i have to and i clean their water and i feed them. but at least initially, the incentive was not to wake up to seven fish floating to the top of the tank, or drifting in middle (as natalie told me they sometime die). natalie and i are there surrogate mothers, and i’m starring at the moving fish right now and am happy to see them. i am considering feed them again, i think that i might.

one of the dumbest dogs of them all, my next door neighbor, who is essentially keeping a fucking kennel in his backyard. his dogs yell, scream and bark all day long. it gets so very annoying. i swear i could just whoop that guy’s ass, if only i didn’t think his low-lifed ass wouldn’t let one of those damn dogs loose to gnaw at my flesh as i’m left screaming like fucking olive oil from popeye. not a fan. i like my life, i don’t want spare it over a disagreement about a pooch.

damn dumb dogs.


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