without a (tooth)brush

7 Aug

many things irritate me beyond comprehension, one being passive fathers and another being brothers who steal your toothbrush out of the medicine cabinet to clean their shoes with it, then say nothing as you rant down the halls about your missing toothbrush. a shabby admission is all that i received from him, no sorry because apparently he sucks ass. he says that he thought the toothbrush was old, despite being covered. but what is that? who takes a person’s toothbrush and cleans their shoes with it? fucking ridiculous. i deal with madness on a daily bases. daily, i tell you! not a fan, also actually am not a huge fan of the exclamation mark either, however it is too late. it’s a fallen soldier, am not going back. i suppose that i have tp somehow forgive the fact that he stole my toothbrush, though no apology was administered. as a very wise sister told me, “he’s just an idiot.” i suppose that i just have to deal then. i haven’t really a choice.images


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