one-point-five to freedom.

6 Aug


so this job with my father is winding to a close, something i’m endlessly thankful for being that this position has been a huge pain in my ass. not only because of my father, but also my niece and cousin, who both are lazy asses whom i wouldn’t mind doing without. -but i can’t be bitter because it’ll be over soon and i’ll be on my merely. i think that my father was trying to coerce me into working for him an extra two weeks, but i would sooner suicide it. he can’t have the last two weeks of my summer, no way. -also, my father is in the hospital, either sick or pretending to be sick, inturn finagling me into working tomorrow on my day off. it’s all very upsetting. the most this summer has taught me is to keep an arms-length from family that you don’t like because time spent together does nothing but perpetuate said dislike. -my father just walked into my house, smiling and stuff. basically because he’s been sitting in the lap at luxury at the hospital, living it up. eating meals, watching televsion and relaxing. only if we all could be so lucky, this seriously has a point of sarcasm because i would not like to spend any amount of time at a hospital, because everyone knows hospitals are haunted. not to mention sicko attendants who endulge in the discomfort of patients. i’d rather not.

on the positive side, i have actually been doing some writing, and also i’ve edited the first three chapters of my “book”. so yeah, excited, only about like thirty-four more to go, though sorta short chapters. it’s a story called, “teller by fate”. a tad self explanitory, it’s about a woman who can forsee the future. i actually wrote it when i was seventeen, but i’ve just let it sit for a while, like everything else.

mmm. catfish nuggets. my brother cooked for me… well for himself, but i reaped the very delicious benefits. he cooks really well, like really well. he should make a career of it, an improvement on the medial job that he has now, pushing clothes. i know he hates it. i’m going to make the point to him that he should do it, he should become a cook. hmm, i’m proud of myself. i’m making revolutions all over the place. how very lovely.

this weekend, if not spoiled by my father, the finagler, i will be heading down to natalie’s school, then stopping by nene’s place, maybe seeing beika and then going to dayton, ohio with natalie, nene and mama. very awesome. i most definitely need a break, during this break. be it hook or crook, i’m gonna manage a way to have a least a spot of fun this summer. it’s necessary, oh so necessary or i may snap. i’ve gone on at least four angry tangents, the next time i will yell at a person. something that no one wants, i don’t even want it.


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