rehash: french fries and roller skates.

12 Jun


so natalie is getting back into skating. which is understandable, it was an integral part of our childhood and we used to be fantastic at it. honestly, we spent a great portion of my childhood on wheels, mostly skates and rollerblades because i have yet to master the bicycle. we spent hours rollerblading up and down cracked sidewalks and streets, around corners and down hills, in the daytime, afternoon or at night because it was awesome. also we took hella trips to the roller rink with the school or otherwise, skating to songs like “ladies night” and “staying alive” –was awesome. well, i tried to rollerblade today and to say the least, i fell on my ass. i had just decided to skate away from natalie because she offended me and as she approached i just fell extremely hard. i was rattled, doing a partial cry and laugh, an odd whimper that was slightly dog like and i felt like a fool. damn rollerblades.

not knowing what to make for dinner tonight, natalie and i decided to make french fries from scratch, like my mother used to do. natalie claims to never had made them at all and i haven’t made them in about six years, so you can imaging impending trouble as we dropped the slices of potato into boiling oil. they didn’t turn out too bad, but not perfect. natalie’s deep fryer has no temperature control, so in a way it was like man versus machine as far as us trying to have our food cooked thoroughly. stupid deep fryer. i knew that i should have just made it on the stove like my mother used to. she was terribly fabulous at making french fries… they were always crisp, well seasoned and delicious. one day i’ll do my mother proud… one day.


One Response to “rehash: french fries and roller skates.”

  1. Natalie August 26, 2009 at 2:00 am #

    Those fries were perfect like your face.

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