lily allen and the cool kids: very different, very cool.

10 Jun

both lily allen and the cool kids are exceptional in their ability to not only skillfully deliver verse in an effective way, but double as amazing entertainers. they are lively, vocal and fluid when approaching their craft and perform with wit, charm and vivacious energy. the stunning english lily allen serenades with love ballads, utters about broken hearts and sings about arrogant men. songs such as “smile”, “LDN” and “fuck you” shows her mastery with careless honesty. chuck inglish and mickey rocks of the cool kids produce rap that entertains chicago’s aesthetic of thoughtful lyrics over well harmonized, melodic sound –harping notions of early ‘90s hip hop. songs such as “bassment party”, “i rock” and “pennies” keep us well informed why they are the coolest kids we know.

their music and several other artists help to feed my musical addiction, and fuel my fascination with beats, lyrics and harmonies. I’m a fanatic for most genres; variety propels my life and makes me happy. I honestly waste hours…if you can call it waste….listening to music while slumming it in my room. Music accompanies me on my long walks, homework assignment, the sporadic trip to the gym, sit downs while readings and hypothetical romantic ventures. long story short, music does the soul good.

also, bee-tee-dubs the cool kids are giving away their new cd to download for free:


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