dia tres.

9 Jun

so natalie and i just saw the hangover, extremely funny –quite vulgar but made me laugh to no end. once leaving the theater (maybe partially envious of their misadventure due to alcohol) we decided maybe just maybe we would drink when we got back to natalie’s apartment –not like we had anything else to do, afterall. so we hopped right over to mejers, which was only feet away from the theater and bought some seagram. we of course don’t want to get in as much trouble or cause nearly as much mayhem but we do want to have fun and that’s all that matters. not to say that fun doesn’t happen without alcohol, but one must admit that alcohol does give a certain kick to any situation. –not only are we gonna drink but we’re gonna make an awesome garlic cheese ball and eat it. mmmm. though we did just finish off one, hmm… but can you ever really have enough cheese ball? so yeah, a cheese ball and a nice little mix drink of kool aid and vodka. we’re ready to go.
i suck because i haven’t written at all today, and it is no excuse that i was out and about quite a bit because what about when i start working? i really need to get my act together. i need to get a writing schedule down and abide by it. otherwise what’s the real point of it all, of me wanting to be a writer yet i not wanting to write. i should finish at least one 500 worder today. even if my words are drunk. i think that i need to churn out something today and i will. mhmm. –well at least i worked on my resume today which was a difficult feat, i had to recollect what i’d been doing for the last few years, which was a tad harder than i thought it would be.

okay, so fast forward into the night, i am not drunk but i am trying to write…unsuccessfully. i’m not drunk by any means, barely having had two shots, so i’m just sober as a kitten. natalie is fishing through music for songs, and i’m trying to get my writing mind in order, so that i don’t feel like such a turd. –natalie is trying to have a literal knuckle fight with me. unfortunately she will lose.


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