summer, despite not knowing…

7 Jun

so, i just left school yesterday after sticking around for senior week and graduation, forced to watch the departure of several of my most favorite people, unfortunate because of the year that i have left at school. absolutely am not a fan.

this is to be a summer of possibility, internship and finding a job that will allow me the time to spend hours writing everyday. i plan to sit on the ground of my twin sister’s studio apartment and spur out words that will lace the lines of my notebooks, word document pages or any other canvas for my linguistic design; completing and editing old stories, beginning new ones and trying out different styles of writing. also a part of this writing summer is this blog which not only should keep track of the very little things that i will be doing this summer, but also will in some ways document my process. i intend to not give this up as i have journals and diaries in my childhood/adolescent past. -now only to make this happen…

the internship that i am supposed to have for the summer seems to be having a few problems finding someone to train me, therefore they can’t, until they bring someone in. sucks for me. i need to do the foot work necessary to find my self a job, anywhere. i’m not terribly picky at this point. though i honestly don’t want to housecleaning, simply isn’t my forte. my dream for the summer is to find a job simply doing retail, writing or maybe even dj-ing somewhere…oh man, i would love to dj.

well this is day one of my summer. postings are to come, illustrating my life as a writer, sloth, musical enthusiast and random person in general.

summer ’09


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